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La Madre

um filme de  Alberto Morais

La Madre


Miguel, a fourteen years old boy, is on the verge of returning to a detention center for minors in the Asturias region. His mother, unemployed and with an unstable personal life, is unable to take care of him. This is why Miguel lives in a constant emergency; taking care of the housework, selling Kleenex or stealing in supermarkets.

All this ends when social services come to get him and his mother forces him to seek shelter with Bogdan, a Romanian ex-lover, who lives in a nearby village.

Despite Andrei’s opposition, Bogdan’s son, Miguel manages to stay home in exchange for illegal work in the factory where they work. Miguel has one obsession, return with his mother.
Meanwhile, Maria, the owner of a bar, sympathizes with the boy and treats him almost maternally, the thing he lacks at home. Everything rushes when the mother disappears suddenly.


Javier MENDO
Nieve de MEDINA

Ficha Técnica:

um filme de - Alberto Morais
Produtor - Paulo Branco
uma co-produção - Olivo Films, Fundatia Teatru Contemporan e Alfama Films

Título Original / Internacional: La Madre
Ano de Produção: 2016
Género: Longa-metragem

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